CHD Awareness Quilt Project Host Request Form

The following are the policies for hosting,handling, and shipping the CHD Awareness Quilts. If you have any questions concerning any of these, please contact us at or the council member who sent the quilt(s) to you.

As soon as you receive the quilt(s), please contact the person who sent it to you to let them know you received it.

Hosting fees
* Hosting fee for each quilt is $ 50.00
* Currently, we do not have display stands available. We recommend checking with local quilt quilds to see if they would be interested in loaning a stand. We also offer directions on making your own stand out of pvc pipe. These are fairly simple and economical to make. If you are interested in making your own stand, please send us an email.

* Thoroughly wash and dry hands before handling the quilt(s)
* We recommend the use of clean cotton gloves or craft type gloves when handling the quilt(s). This type of glove can be found at most pharmacies where in the first aid section.
* When hanging and taking down the quilt, place a clean cotton sheet on the floor. This will keep it from getting soiled by traffic and dirt.

* Each quilt is queen size, measuring approximately 84 inches x 99 inches. Each quilt is equipped with sleeves on the back to hang the quilt from a pole or strong dowel.
* Quilt(s) must be displayed indoors.
* Quilt(s) must be hung. DO NOT display on the floor.
* Avoid hanging the quilt(s) in direct sunlight or near fluorescent lights.
* Avoid placing the quilt(s) near heating and/or air conditioning vents.
* Choose an area that is as free as possible of dust and pollutants, including areas where food is prepared or served.
* Keep a boundary or barrier of at least three feet around the quilt(s) to protect it from oils of curious hands. A display with tables as the barrier works well. Not only does this keep others from touching the quilts, but the tables work great for displaying information on The CHD Awareness Quilt Project. If a barrier is not an option, Please attach "Do Not Touch" signs in an area that most people would be apt to grab the quilt(s).
* If you cannot be with the quilt(s) at all times, assign someone to be with them.

Packing and Shipping:
* When repacking the quilt(s), fold the quilt in different directions to keep wrinkles from becoming permanent.
* Place in the bag in which it was sent to you. Most of the quilts have homemade bags or pillow case type bags to protect them. If the quilt you requested did not come with a homemade bag or case, place in a clear plastic bag. DO NOT place quilt(s) in a brown or dark garbage bag.
* Place the quilt(s) in a new box and place a piece of cardboard over the top. This is to keep the quilt(s) free of cuts if box is opened with a knife or other sharp object. Another option is to place the box inside another larger box. Be sure to have shipping address on both boxes.
* If an information packet was included with the quilt when it was shipped to you, please include the packet as well. * Secure every seam and flap on the box with packing tape. DO NOT use string, rope, or masking tape.
* Use a permanent, waterproof marker and write the shipping address directly on the box. We strongly recommend not using adhesive type address labels.
* Please ship the quilt(s) UPS Ground, unless otherwise instructed.
* Insure each quilt for $ 500.00. This is to protect us in the case of a quilt getting lost or damaged in shipping. The charge for this is generally under $ 5.00
* If you must list the contents of the box, please do not use “Quilt.” To ensure the safe return of the quilt(s) we recommend using “bedding” or “textiles.”
* Get a receipt and tracking number when shipping the quilt.
* Notify the person to whom you are shipping the quilt(s) to and the CHD Awareness Quilt Project, Inc. that you have sent them. Pass on the tracking numbers too.

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CHD Awareness Quilt Hosting Policies

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